Electrical Works

Our services can be carried out on marine and land projects. Comprehensive implementation from design, assembly / installation to connection and servicing. Our work can be carried out in the realization of newly built units as well as those repaired or modernized.


Through all those years the company has provided various electrical installations and conversion services, it also has built power supply-control distribution boards for different areas like Marine & Offshore, Industry & Infrastructure.

In assembly of high quality switchboards SPAMAR is one of the best experienced and reliable specialists.

We supply complete electrical solutions for ships, packing industry, refineries, tank storages, tunnels, bridges or anything else.


We provide full installation works, electrical design, assembly and system integration services.

We supply panels and switchboards in conformity with customer specifications and supply components in line with project requirements.

Our experienced engineering department make tailor made solutions according to the latest standards. As a system integrator we provide you modular systems to have panels, switchboards fitted in the allocated aeria's.

No mountain too high, we deem to have the right electrical solutions.

Welding works

Welding works including, welding with electrodes and welding machines.

We have experienced, educated and well-motivated personnel with VCA certificate and professional equipment. Our goal is full satisfaction and quality of service delivered to our customers. We guarantee the highest quality of service , pro-active approach and timely realization of orders.

Locksmith works

Ironwork including, cutting, straitening, routing and final preparation and installation of elements.

All projects can be implemented in Poland and abroad. Electrical department can be valuable addition to any shipping project, new build, refit, service works.. Our qualified and experienced employees are available to work in Poland and abroad 24/7.

Quick Contact

If you have any question write to us, call or visit our office. We will answer for any questions.

Our representative for Europe is Ron Koster from Ronko.bv

0031 652 548 137



Why Us?


Qualified workers with DNV & VCA certyfications


Experience gained all over the world


The high quality services


The comprehensive offer locksmith and welding services


Realization projects in Poland and abroad